Hear it from our members

I was so hesitant to join being overweight but joined at the no sweat appt. and now 4 months in, my body and mind have changed and I feel strong. Welcoming Gym, Members & Coaches
Blandford MA
"The coaches at Tribe Life are truly invested in helping you achieve your goals. They are so supportive and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend!"
Nicole fiore
Westfield, MA
"Well 1st off all the coaches are amazing! This is more then a gym I feel like we’re all family inside and outside the gym."
Jessica Carnevale
"While I am still learning to appreciate how my body looks, I have learned to love my body for what it can do, and I've learned I can do incredible things."
Jenny Bradshaw
Granby, CT
"I love working out with a group of supportive people. The coaches are always encouraging and push me to try things I wouldn’t have thought I could do!"
Elizabeth Coursen
North Granby, CT
"So clean I feel safe and the coaches are so kind and take care of there members so good. They push you to be better but without pushing you to get injuries always keeping us safe."
ashley augustus
"I'm stronger, love the way I feel after a workout, more confident in myself. The coaches are great, knowledgeable, and passionate. I look forward to going to the gym!"
Colleen Patenaude
"We started going for weight loss and general fitness and ended up finding so much more! The feeling of accomplishment and the friendships are the best part."
Doug Bradshaw
Granby CT
"I am amazed a what I can do at TLA! I go to the bootcamp program 4 days a week. At an older age, I think I am staying stronger and healthier than I every dreamed I could be."
Kathy Schlichtig
"I'm feeling stronger, both mentally and physically, and it's a continuous improvement. I live the fact that coaches and other members are very supportive and motivating."
Tiffany K
estfield, MA
"I really enjoyed the atmosphere at this gym! The coaches and other members were phenomenal as well."
Kaitlyn Whipple
Westfield, MA
“3 yrs ago at 52 I started CrossFit; Ever since, have maintained, feel stronger, healthier & mentally/physically more energized - It's the days I don't get to class, that I regret!"
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