Julie Turgeon


Longer workouts at a moderate weight where I can keep moving at a consistent pace.  I enjoy longer consistent moving workouts. Through studying olympic lifting, gymnastics, weight lifting, kettlebell techniques, body building posing, and yoga asanas I focus on proper form and movement patterns of the body.  My favorite workout is Helen and favorite movement is db snatches.  If I were to create my own workout I usually put together something including burpee box jump overs, db snatches, and double unders or toe to bars (wods that include full body movements).


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Flexibility Certificate, Kettlebell Certificate, Bodyguard Certificate, Gymnastics Certificate, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate, Lesson Planning Certificate, Scaling Certificate, Spot the Flaw Certificate, Judges Course 2019, RYT 200 (Yoga Instructor certified by Yoga Alliance) AS HFN, CPR/AED Certified, Master's Science Organizational Development, MBA, BS Management/Hospitality&Marketing, EDd ABD

About Coach

I was a tap, jazz, and ballet dancer growing up, I now refer to my dance days as 3-5 minutes of quick endurance. At the age of 17, I enlisted in the Air National Guard. That experience started to shape who I am today. I work as a professor and academic advisor at Holyoke Community College full-time. My position at Holyoke Community College focuses on working with many first-generation college students from all different backgrounds, providing them with opportunities for academic success, and providing guidance to find a career they are passionate about. I get excited to see others succeed and reach their goals in all aspects of their lives.

Turning Point

Living in the 21st century, life is a constant battle of making daily choices that affect our health including nutrition, exercise, stress, and how we choose to live. We have all been through ups and downs of all of the above, the key is finding balance in our lives. What works for one person is not a blanket that will work for everyone we come across. Everyone has different goals and what will make them happy. I have had to work hard to find that balance in life for myself and what works for me while simultaneously realizing goals are constantly changing. As a coach, I work to assist athletes to create some short and long-term goals knowing the long term may change over time and adjustments will be made. One of the skills I focus on is patience, even the short term goals are not going to happen overnight.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about assisting people to create and reach their goals. During personal training sessions and meetings we break down those goals into smaller steps, are able to track progress, and reassess those goals as needed. Similar to my full-time position at the college as an advisor, communication, a positive attitude, a willingness to give it your best effort, and follow up are key to helping anyone. People often don't have the support system on the outside or even know where to start to take the steps need to plan and create goals; I was often in that situation myself twenty years ago in my fitness/nutrition and career. I just didn't have the support from those around me or guidance to get me to where I needed to be; finding the right mentors in both these areas of my life was key to me moving in the right direction.

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