Benefits of Personal Training

Richelle King
July 23, 2021


I want to lose weight.

I want to gain muscle.

I want to tone. (My personal fave)

These are the 3 most popular goals of our athletes.

During goal reviews we help our athletes expand on these goals.

For example: Here is a typical conversation I may have with an athlete during an initial goal review

Me:  Good Morning! Welcome to TLA. I hope you found us ok. Can I get you a coffee or a water? (As I lead them to a quiet room to sit so we can chat)

Then the usual pleasantries.

Me: I'm so glad you have chosen TLA to start your fitness journey. What would you like us to help you achieve? Can you give me 3 goals? 

Athlete: I want to lose weight, gain muscle and or tone.

Me: Those are some awesome goals. How much weight are you looking to lose?

Athlete: 50 or so pounds.

Me: Ok. And toning? What do you mean by that?

Athlete: Oh you know, tone. I want to... well...

    Let's stop here for a minute. The use of the word "toned" is overused and doesn't mean anything. Toned to you is different than toned to me. You may want that 8 pack and legs for days, or you may want to just look good naked. The idea being you're looking for muscle definition and we can help you get as much or as little as you want. Now back to my goal review.

Me: You're looking for some muscle definition?

Athlete: Yes, but I don't want to get too big.

Me: Ok! No worries there, we can help you achieve what you're looking for. First things first, let's set up some weekly and monthly goals for you. If you are able to achieve these little "milestones" you'll not only see progress quickly, you'll also be able to maintain it as well.

Athlete: That sounds great! Let's get started!

It is at this time that together we set little goals, add in a few new habits, and set up appointments so I can keep s/he accountable and we can adjust the milestones as needed.

All goals are different and the path to achieving them is not cookie cutter. Personalization is the key to individual success and achieving your goals.

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